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The Tom Ford Oud Wood Incense provides new nuances and intensities to Oud. It produces a richer, deeper scent. This oil is often copied but never duplicated. It intensifies the Oud's power. The warmth and richness of the Oud is enlivened by angelica and cypress root. The result is a scent that is intense and resonant.


When it comes to classic scents, Oud Wood is the quintessential example. It's a scent that's classic and sophisticated. It blends notes of patchouli and sandalwood with oud. It's a woody and masculine scent that is both approachable and delicious at times. What do you think of wearing it? Let's go over it. What is the scent and use of Oud Wood?

Oud's scent is sweet and woody with subtle spice. Tom Ford Oudwood Intense is a fruity and woody scent with an undertone of smoke. Oud is also known as an ingredient that can be used in many different ways and Ford's Oud Wood Intense is no different. Other ingredients include cypress angelica as well as ginger and tom ford parfum juniper. While the scent of Oud Wood is fresh and fresh, it also has distinctive leathery, Tom Ford Private Blend smoky and spicy element.

Oud Wood is part Tom Ford's Private Blend Collection. It includes twelve eau de parfums. Richard Herpin, the fragrance's nose designer, developed the scent. It is available in 50ml and 250ml Eau de Parfum. If you're considering purchasing Oud Wood, Fragrantica has information on its background. You can read reviews and observe the interest in Oud Wood by Ford over time by joining Fragrantica!

Oud Wood is a timeless favourite that has seen its packaging change. It still features the same powerful blend of smoky woods and spices however, the vanilla, vanilla, and cardamom that are nutty and tonka bean give it the perfect touch of softness. Oud Wood transforms the precious agarwood into a refined and sophisticated element of the perfumer's palette. As sensual and hot as Mr. Ford's Skyfall attire this scent is the perfect choice for the season.

Scent split

Oud Wood was a pioneering fragrance in Western perfumery. Tom Ford has made it again with his latest Scent Split line. Oud Wood Intense is a good example. It is an innovative take on the iconic scent, with an increased concentration and additional notes. It is a strong combination of spices, wood, Musk, and has been termed"disaster" "disaster".

Scent Split re-bottles genuine fragrance bottles into smaller bottles. Tom Ford Oud Wood Scented Split is not associated with Tom Ford. You can be sure that each product is authentic. The discovery and acquisition of rare orchids was the inspiration for the fragrance. The scent is reminiscent of timeless luxury and blends the luxuriousness of a top-of-the-line mansion with the sexiness of the finest woods.

Rebottles of Scent Split

Scent Split Scent Split is a new method of bottling scents. Scent Split allows you to refill the entire scent in smaller bottles, rather than having it all released in one bottle. It's a blend exotic woods and Chinese pepper to create a creamy, smokey scent. The same scent is present in the bottles, however they are sealed. It's a great way for you to try a new fragrance without spending a lot.

Scent Splits can help you save money while still enjoying the same scent. By dividing your scent into two separate bottles You'll be able save more than 50% off the initial purchase price. You can also save on shipping costs with split bottles! Make sure you check the date on the rebottle and also the availability of the new bottles. We're here to answer any questions. We'll be in touch as soon as we can!

Tom Ford Rose De China is another popular Scent Split fragrance. Rose De Chine has an ambery fragrance with hints of Chinese Peony. Its main notes are Myrrh and Labdanum. Some have had success with refilling this scent. However, I have found that the original bottle is available at your local department store.

Another scent that can be split into rebottles is Oud Flower. Oud Flower is a delicate scent that has the scent of a warm, sensual. It's not difficult to purchase it even if you're on a budget. You'll be able to enjoy the scent even in the case of a student, however, you'll save money if you purchase the rebottle for a price reduction.


imageThe intense version of the Oud Wood from Tom Ford provides the maximum intensity and new dimensions to the aroma. It is often copied, but the Intense is unlike any other scent of oud. The Intense scent is unique and cannot be duplicated. It was created with powerful ingredients. The smoldering grip of angelica roots and cypress enlivens the scent to its fullest force.

The scent is rich and warm it has notes of tonka beans golden amber, tonka bean, and sweet vetiver. Tom Ford Oud Wood is not sweet or masculine, but can be both appealing and delicious at times. It is also among the most expensive fragrances in Tom Ford Private Blend Collection. This fragrance is currently only available in 250ml bottles. Fragrantica's trending tools can track the fragrance's popularity over time. Fragrantica members can also write reviews.

Oud Wood was the first Western fragrance to introduce the oud note. This particular note isn't often found in other scents. Ford was the artistic director of Yves Saint Laurent in 2002 when the fragrance first launched. It was the first fragrance to include this note. Since then, the fragrance remains a timeless classic. Oud Wood is one the three scents from the Oud Collection. It is based around the core accords patchouli, sandalwood, Eucalyptus and Oud.

Where to buy

The lavishness and elegance of Tom Ford Oud wood Intense is unparalleled in the oud industry, and is frequently copied, but never duplicated. Intensification is key to unleashing the true essence of this elixir's power, with the smoldering grip the cypress and angelica root, igniting the fusion. The Tom Ford Oud Wood Intense delivers an appealing, woody, earthy or crisp scent.

The Tom Ford Oud Wood fragrance range began as a single scent, but has expanded to include perfumes, body lotions and bath products. It is known for its unique scent that is seductive and appealing and comes in chic Tom Ford bottles. The Oud Wood collection comes in 50 and 250ml bottles. Fragrantica members have rated the fragrance highly and given it high marks.

The original Oud Wood has undergone changes but its potent mix of smokey woods and spices remains the same. To make the scent easier to get around and more palatable the scent now includes vanilla and tonka bean in its composition. The smoldering grip of angelica roots and cypress ignites the Oud Wood's power to the fullest, bringing it into the 21st century.

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